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Wall painting decoration ideas with Abdulla Thani Technical Services

Abdulla Thani Technical Services is an expert in curating your living style in astonishing and enticing ways. Ranging from Wall painting ideas to decoration services, Abdulla Thani is a remarkable name with vast experience. Have you ever wished to paint a wall of your home and tried to expose your inner hidden skills by creating some colourful bits of art? if No! Abdulla Thani Technical Services has eyes on your decoration desires if you never try this before.

The most experienced team of Abdulla Thani is the convenient helping right now. It’s time to roll the sleeves up to make your space more enticing, breathtaking and elegant with Abdulla Thani Technical Services.

Colors, art and creation

Before holding a brush all you need to know the pros and cons of the colours psyche and learn more concerning the best contrasting colours and tones. Colours have the power to convert dullness into brightness in a matter of seconds.

Abdulla Thani Technical Services, allows you to know and learn more about colour combinations, art, and some styles of creation. This article is going to help you to urge your own vibe to paint the walls with your creative imaginations.

Cork Wall Style

If you are running out of space and a lover of collage-style at the same time so we have a solution for you. Big spaces need more creativity but curating the small premises and making them eye-catching is the real task. Abdulla Thani is here to reduce your worries with its professional team. Firstly you need to consider these things seriously.

  • You need to paint your wall with cork style.
  • Now, deck out your walls in cork square panels.
  • It’s a perfect combination of fashion and art.

Bright Florals

Sometimes, we all cook from daily doses of dramas so there is only one room in your living place that can help you to relax for a while, and that is your bathroom. Abdulla Thani Technical Services has various printed wallpaper showing the bright bold blooms and flowers all over the wall.  We provide different colours of shading tones that is a super cool idea for a rapid fresh look. We have versatility in:

  • Dark printed colour wallpapers
  • Bright printed colour wallpapers
  • Scenery printed wallpapers

Gallery Wall

Abdulla Thani Technical Services allow you to display your style with a creative gallery wall. We are bringing out the countless antique matching frames featuring your best mementos, artwork, and of course your photo collection.

Painted Panels

Are you bored enough to think about what you should try with those old wooden styles on the wall? Abdulla Thani has a solution to revive the new tones and shades of colours in your room. We permit people to try their walls with an entirely fresh coat of different dark colours. These different shades and tones have the ability to create a new dynamic and entice ambiance for the personal space.


Abdulla Thani Technical Services can paint your wall with a unique and most charming idea by creating some elegant stripe style. As you ever figured it out, every living room can be useful to break the ice among two people. For instance, this striped accent wall shows elegant vibes around the premises.

Before you leave:

Abdulla Thani Technical Services is the most convenient and fruitful decoration and wall painting curation services throughout Dubai. Always feel free by visiting our official website or contact us through the number. Also, we are 24/7 listening to your precious views on our Facebook pages so the locals of Dubai and all around the world can get sincere and advantageous advice and tips and get connected to Abdulla Thani Technical Services as their first priority.

For Internal and external paint you can contact Abdulla Thani Technical Services.

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