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Glass and aluminium work

Glass and aluminum work

Glass being an eye-catching material has now become an extraordinary material used in commercial buildings to increase feature. Its transparent and translucent nature made it a magical substance for the construction industry. Glass and aluminium work adds charm to the interior decoration as well as looks decent at the workplace. 

Aluminium on the other hand is extensively used in the construction and furnishing of a commercial building as well as in interior designing for furnishing purposes. It is used in external roofs and walls due to its intrinsic characteristic of corrosion resistance and lightness. 

Abdullah Thani’s group of technical services provide glass and aluminum work services in Dubai to its clients.  On this page, we provide you enough basic information about glass and aluminum work including its significance and services.

Significance of Glasswork in buildings

Glasswork design is utilized in commercial buildings, office works, and domestic setups and preferred due to its aesthetic feature and following characteristics.

  • Transparency
  • Workability
  • Transmittance
  • Recycling material
  • U-value

Types of glass

Glass is of various types and each type is specific in its use and characteristics. These types are mentioned as follows along with their use:

  • Float glass: Also called a soda-lime glass, used in shop front, places. It is flat and clear so it has a tendency to glare. Float glass is available in the thickness of 2mm to 20 mm with a weight variation of 3 to 36 kg/meter square.
  • Shatterproof glass: It is a treated glass in which polyvinyl butyral is added to make it shatterproof. Upon its breakage, it doesn’t form sharp-edged pieces. This type of glass is mainly used for windows, floors, and skylights, etc.
  • Laminated glass: This type of glass is a combination of multiple layers of ordinary glass, therefore, exhibits more thickness and weight. It is used in soundproof and UV proof chambers, bridges, aquariums, etc.
  • Extra clean glass: It exhibits two unique properties i.e hydrophilic and photocatalytic due to which it gives a clear and beautiful appearance and gives ease of maintenance 
  • Chromatic glass: It may be of further subtypes like photochromic or thermochromatic.  It has a tendency to control the transparent efficacy of glass as well as protect the interior from daylight. Its applications involve ICU and meeting rooms.
  • Tinted glass: It is just a colored glass without any specific characteristics. Different tints of glass are available including green, blue, black, brown, yellowish-brown, red and dark green, etc
  • Toughened glass: It is also known as tempered glass. It exhibits extra durability with low visibility. Its applications are mobile screen protectors, fire-resistant doors, etc.
  • Glass blocks: Also known as glass bricks. It is used in the construction of skylights and walls. It gives a decent and beautiful appearance when light passes through it.
  • Glass wool: It is fire resistant class and composed of fibers of glass that act as an insulating filler.
  • Insulated glazed units: Also known as double glazed units. This unit acts as two or three layers of glass separated by air or vacuum so act as good thermal insulators.
Glass and aluminium work
Glass and aluminium work

Significance of Aluminium work in buildings

In the modern age, aluminium is widely used as a building material used in the formation of modern windows, balconies, and doors. Its utilization increases its annual domestic demand all over the world. Aluminium is used in the construction of commercial buildings as well as in interior home decoration due to its following properties and significance 

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low density and lightweight
  • Good joining and forming characteristics
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Exhibit good extraduribility

Abdulla Thani’s Glass and Aluminium Work Services 

Our services include:

  • Mirror Supplier
  • Shower Screen
  • Office Glass Cabins
  • Office Glass Divider
  • Gym Mirrors Sheets
  • Study Reading Table
  • Glass Door Lock Repair
  • Full Height Office Glass
  • Low Height Office Glass
  • Receptions Glass Divider
  • Office Door Maintenance
  • Corner Shower Installation
  • Custom Mirror Installation
  • Balcony Glass Replacement
  • Beveled Mirrors Installation
  • Bath Wall Mirrors Installation
  • Sliding / Swing Shower Enclosure
  • Coffee Table Top Tempered Glass
  • Office Table Top Glass for Meeting
  • Computer Table Top Tempered Glass
  • Tinted Tempered Glass Replacement
  • Frameless Shower Screen for Bathtub
  • Laminated Glass Replacement Services
  • Frameless Shower Enclosure Installation
  • Top / Bottom Patch Fitting Replacement
  • Broken Swing Window Glass Replacement
  • Broken Glass Replacement for Sliding Door
  • Glass Door Machine Replacement (with Warranty)
  • Round / Rectangular Square / Oval Shape Table Top Delivery
  • Double Glazed Glass Door  / Window and Fix Panel Installation Etc.

Before you leave:

Abdulla Thani Technical Services provides the most convenient and excellent Glass and aluminium work services in Dubai. For further details, contact Abdulla Thani through the number. You can also share your precious reviews on Facebook pages to give a reward as well as sincere suggestions to other people living in Dubai or UAE to utilize their services

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