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Smart privacy glass or switchable glass is a glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage is applied.
​In general, the glass changes from transparent to translucent and vice versa, changing from letting light pass through to blocking wavelengths of light and vice versa.

Smart Products

Smart Glass

Smart glass, also known as switchable glass or dynamic glass, refers to a revolutionary technology that can alter its transparency, opacity, or color, allowing for on-demand privacy, energy efficiency, and aesthetic versatility in architectural and automotive applications

Smart Film

Upgrade your privacy with Smart Film, an electrical switchable adhesive film designed to be applied to existing interior glass partitions or exterior windows. Transform your current glass installations into privacy-enhancing solutions effortlessly

Micro LED Glass

Elevate the visual experience of your glass building with Micro LED Glass, transforming it into an interactive video canvas while maintaining full transparency. This cutting-edge technology can be seamlessly integrated into the interior 

Global Service

Experience our high-quality smart glass products with fast and affordable worldwide installation services. Contact us today for a global estimate tailored to your international project needs.

How The Technology Works

Smart Glass

When the power is switched off, the liquid crystal molecules assume a random orientation, causing light to scatter and resulting in the Halo Smart Film maintaining an opaque (frosted) appearance

Once the power is activated, the liquid crystal molecules align, allowing incident light to pass through, resulting in the instant transparency (clarity) of the Halo Smart Film

Smart Film & Glass is a versatile and innovative invention, also known as PDLC film (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal). Comprising two thin layers of PET film coated with a conductive ITO layer, it features a specially formulated polymer and liquid crystal mixture that is extensively cured. This mixture is then inserted between the film layers, acting as a compact layer between the conductive PET sheets.

When the Smart Film or Smart Glass is powered off, the polymer crystal solution within the PET sheets exhibits a random arrangement of crystals, resulting in an opaque (frosted and private) window appearance. Upon activation, an electrical current passes through the polymer liquid crystal solution, aligning the previously scattered crystal molecules uniformly. As a result, the window becomes clear (transparent), allowing light to pass through.

Key Features

Smart Glass & Film allows you to make your windows transparent or opaque instantly at the touch of a button. View different control options below.

Complete Privacy

Blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and 95% infrared radiation. Our expert installation will provide you with a seamless design and instant privacy.

Multiple Control Options





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