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Smart Glass Work


Smart glass or light control glass or privacy glass or switchable glass are being installed in the automotive, architectural, product, and interior design industries. This smart glass technology can be unsegregated into partitions, windows, and other transparent services in different sectors. Following mentioned Sectors use  this technology like

  • consumer electronics
  •  Automotive
  • small retail window 
  •  interior designing 
  •  architecture 

Abdulla Thani group of technical services is now working to provide smart glass technology to its clients and customers. If you are looking for a smart glass company in Dubai then contact us.

Significance of smart glass:

Exterior windows that operate Smart Glass or film do not require curtains, shades, or other window approaches, therefore producing unobstructed watches for the dwellers along with simple care. It still involves enhanced soundproofing and security when contrasted to traditional glass. This is just the starting line. Our Smart glass and film is likewise a novel program for estimation and touchscreen implements that can mutate store windows, supermarkets, and any glass surface into dramatic video features. Accessible as an industry made laminated smart glass & even as self-sticky film, our productions can create these impressive innovations to under development as well as set up areas on existing glass surfaces too.


Smart Glass Work
Smart Glass Work
Smart Glass Work

Smart glass applications :

Smart glass applications are not for every setup and place. Before contacting a smart glass company in Dubai, you should go through its application to assure the installation of Smart glass with its significance in a specific setup. Our smart glass company in Dubai providing efficient  services and its  applications include

1. Office partitions: to help in the easy transformation of space from open to an intimate and private one.  It provides an ideal solution for maximizing the office space while maintaining privacy.

2.Hotels: toad elegance and efficacy in the hotel guest rooms. This technology offers transformation to get a cozy lounge, relaxing bathroom, and sleeping space with intimate privacy.

3.Hospitals:  To eliminate the need for traditional curtains. Smart glass partitions enable the hospital staff to keep a check on patients without entering a room.

4.Residentials: To make the home more efficient. LC-based switchable glass can be used for exterior windows and outdoor applications. Privacy can be maintained without the use of curtains or blinds.

5.Retail: to allow the use of storefront windows for advertisement. Projections have so many significance for retail use. It allows the replacement of stickers that need time to generate and install properly.

6.Automotive: for dynamic shading and temperature regulation in the transportation sector. Smart glass also gives protection of interiors from decoloration by ultraviolet rays. Projection applications of smart glass include digital signage and safety in steel-plated vehicles and automobiles.

Types of smart glass:

Understanding different types of smart glass help you to decide which one is perfect for your project or the occupational setup. This topic will help you to clarify your choice and make you more confident about your decision. The switchable smart glass falls into the following types:

PDLC (indoor): Polymer dispersed liquid crystal. It is used for transparent display and maintaining privacy by interior partitions. It provides privacy without obstructing light.

PDLC ( outdoor): It is used in exterior windows, glass walls, and partitions. This type of smart glass offers quick transitions and enhances the energy ratings of green buildings.

SPD: Suspended particle device. This type of smart glass is used in TV studious, ultrasound rooms, aeronautics, and art galleries to prevent damage by sun exposure.

EC: Electrochromic device: It is used in small or large facade windows where instant shade is not required.

Our smart glass partition company in Sharjah provides the fixation of all types of smart glasses according to the requirement of our clients.

Don’t forget to contact our smart glass company in Dubai:

The SmartGlass is transforming the recruitment of an eruption and its management at your stuff stream system. A supported connection process by leading Automation between the i-smart glass and its clients provides a faster and more productive service with the least possibility of errors in the Operation. You can contact us through our website to get free suggestions and estimation. Don’t miss the chance to get enjoyed by the reliable services of our smart glass company in Dubai.

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