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IT Cabling

What is a cabling system?

A cabling system can be defined as a  complete cabling system with hardware that gives extensive telecommunications infrastructure. This extensive infrastructure provides a variety of services like transmitting data through a computer network or providing telephone service. It should not depend on the device. The uniqueness in the Cabling system is due to variation in following

  • The design and architectural structure of the building
  • Cable and connection products
  • The function of cabling installation
  • Upgradation of the already installed system
  • The types of devices that cabling installation will support
  • Customer demands and requirements
  • Manufacturer’s agreement

Types of cables

Different types of cables serve different purposes. Knowledge about the type of cable with respect to its functions gives you the direction of accurate cabling network installation. Types of cables that are commonly  used as  follows:

  • Fiber optic cable: It is similar to electric cables with the exception that it is composed of optical fibers to carry signals. These cables are used for long-distance telecommunications or high-speed connections between buildings and campuses.
  • Twisted pair cable: This type of cable is commonly utilized to connect homes and businesses with a telephone company.
  • Coaxial cable: This is the type of cable that is utilized for carrying high-frequency electrical signals with low loss.

Significance of network cabling

  • Structured cabling assured your network infrastructure not to be outdated and allow your business growth by providing access to all emerging applications
  • An organized cabling system provides simplicity in a typical office environment with several other devices and IT equipment.
  • It is cost-effective that will boost your business productivity and reduce power and maintenance cost
  • Network cabling improved the performance and enhanced the level of flexibility.
  • Structured cabling installation decreases the risk of downtime, and helps to rectify the faults rapidly. Moreover, it helps to reduce workflow disruptions.

Components of structured cabling system

  • Horizontal cabling: The cabling between telecommunications outlet and horizontal cross-connect in telecommunication closet is termed as horizontal cabling. It involved mechanical terminations, horizontal cable, patch codes, multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies, and consolidation points. 
  • Backbone cabling: It is also called vertical cabling. It provides connectivity between equipment rooms, telecommunication rooms, access provider space, and entrance facilities. Cable distance varies accordingly with cable type and connected facilities.
  • Work area: This term refers to a place where the cable is being used between communication outlets and end-user telecommunications equipment.
  • Telecommunication closet: It is basically a closet like a cabinet or separate room provided with distribution frames, telecommunications equipment, cross-connects, and cable terminations.
  • Equipment room: it is the centralized area in the main building of the telecommunications systems and it owns more complex components
  • Entrance facility: It includes cables, connecting hardware, network demarcation point, and other equipment that are attached to the private network cabling or access provider. Connections are being made between plant (outside) and building (inside) 

Our IT Cabling services include

Our services included

  • Copper/fiber cabling
  • Data Center designing
  • CCTV systems cabling 
  • Wireless infrastructure Etc.

Why choose Abdulla Thani Technical Services

Security and scalability is the number one priority of our team. With many years of experience in serving numerous clients, our team has made a name for itself and has gained great expertise in IT cabling. We provide our services in every sector and our clients are from every group small, medium to large. We believe in providing:

  • Durable
  • Dependable
  • Well-designed IT cabling

Moreover, Our IT cabling team helps you get the most out of your network investments by providing the enhanced network performance and reliable in-service.  Our professionals believe in reliability and are experts in giving all types of network cabling solutions in the UAE.

Our goal

We believe “a well-planned infrastructure for cabling is a necessity”. IT cables are the backbone of every single office making them lying around here and there can soon become a disaster. We want to make sure that you keep your data safe and secure. We make sure the cables are being handled in a well-planned way and are used up safely where needed.

Before you leave

A structured cabling network is more preferable due to wireless network connections. This extensive infrastructure provides a variety of services like transmitting data through a computer network or providing telephone service. You can enjoy our services for the installation of IT cables by contacting us through email or you may call us at the number mentioned on our official websites. We satisfy our customers through smart and effective service with full professional considerations. 

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