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About Abdulla Thani Technical Services

Abdulla Thani Technical Sevices is the most innovative and creative solution providers located in Dubai. Our mission is to serve customers with the highest level of proficiency of customer services in Dubai. We are offering various sorts of services including;

Abdulla Thani Technical Service fitout works

fit out work

Fitout procedures involve all the mechanical work, electrical work, decorating, and furnishing the interior space of a building suitable for occupation by a tenant.

smart glass

Smart glass or light control glass or privacy glass or switchable glass are being installed in the automotive, architectural, product, and interior design industries.

interior design and decor

Interior designing can be defined as the art and science of upgrading a building to obtain a healthier and more pleasing environment.

glass and aluminium work

Glass and aluminium work adds charm to the interior decoration as well as looks decent at the workplace.

carpentry work

Carpentry work is a skilled art and craft that involves cutting, shaping, and installation of building material during the construction of concrete formwork, buildings, and ships.

Gypsum ceiling and partition

These are basically the panels comprised of gypsum, rock mineral components, and other essential additives used for ceilings and interior walls.

Internal and external paint

The paint which is applied to the interior of a house or building is known as internal or interior paints.

AC services

AC or Split requires maintenance and service once a year. Older air conditioner units may require service and maintenance twice a year.

Plumbing work

Plumbing refers to any system that transports fluids for a very range of applications. It comprises valves, pipes, tanks, plumbing fixtures, and other apparatus to transport the fluid.

Electric works

Electric work at any place refers to the installation of electrical cabling and related devices like distribution boards, switches, sockets

Marble and tiles fixing

Our team of marble fixing work is amongst the best in UAE. Our professionals have the skills to handle all work regarding marble.

We are the most highlighted fit out companies of Dubai due to the professional and creative responses toward the customers in a minimal time frame. Abdulla Thani is an expert and convenient option for customers to get the best services in Dubai. We are mostly working on fixing the lack of areas to provide our customers with a proper vision of living style in a dominant way. We work from the domain of ‘Wall paintings curations ideas” to the “Villa decorations services” along with lots of different services with a very professional team. The engagement with an experienced environmental makes us poles apart from the other companies located in Dubai.

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